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 Tytuł: The Sword of the Truth: A vacancy for you!
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Hi, everybody! I've already met some of you on the chat, and I was asked to put some life into this section of the board.

As for the indubitable pleasure of having created the first thread here, I ask you a single question, hoping that it'll trigger a chain of responses and, perhaps, some discussion. :)

If you were to put your own character (it'd have to be your own, real self) into the series: What would you do? Who would your character be? Would you be a protagonist or an antagonist? Where would you be from? How much of a change would you have provided into the main plot?

I'm going to wait and see before putting up my own answer to the question, because... the thing is... I have like this weirdest possible idea, and I'm not brave enough to just publish it yet. (Sorry!)

It IS (just a little bit) silly! :)
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 Tytuł: Re: The Sword of the Truth: A vacancy for you!
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First of all - my English isn`t perfect :D

Second of all: I`m quite surprised, that You probably didn`t read so much of our forum topics and yet You managed somehow to post a question that was never brought up here, so sincere congratulations because we`ve got A LOT of SoT questions considered :D

As we already have a questions about profession/occupation in a SoT world in PL language (right here), I`d like to focus on Your new question: how would my character change the plot of story.
I`d like to mention at the beginning, that i chose there a Seeker of the Truth profession, but not necessarily the Wizard/War Wizard.

Ad rem. The main story wouldn`t be changed so much by me because of the only one item of Sword of Truth, but maybe I`d do some things worthy remembering in the past. What I`m saying is: maybe Zedd teaching Richard would mention my Seeker character by name, because of something big that my character did/acomplished in the past. No idea, what it might be. It could be as well fighting and glorious won (or death) with some creature as some world problem solution that helped a lot of people, because like I said - Seeker fights not only with a sword. My actual dreams are not far away from it, except there is no dragon to gain the glory - I mean I really want to do something to being remembered. It musn`t be anything to be famous or have a photo on a half of commercial banners in a country. It is about not being forgotten.

To sum up - I`d like to being mentioned in one of Zedds stories about the previous seekers, and as long as we don`t have any of them (besides Merrit who already has his story) in books - my interference with a plot will be a secret. Maybe it is a good idea to start some fanfic or RPG about adventures of one of the previous Sword of Truth wielders :) We`ll think about it ;)


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"Talga Vassternich"
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